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Tokyo Stock Exchange To Publish REIT Index And Data On Trading Activities By Type Of Investors On The J-REIT Market

Date 24/03/2003

As Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) previously announced in January 2003, TSE will begin calculation and publication of the Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index from April 1, 2003 and will disclose trading activities by type of investors on the J-REIT market from May 2003 (for the previous month's trading activities).

The Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index is a capitalization-weighted index based on all REITs listed on the TSE and will provide a comprehensive measure of price changes on the J-REITs market in Japan. As such, this index is expected to be used as a benchmark for evaluating portfolio performance.

The same methodology for the calculation of TOPIX* (Tokyo Stock Price Index) will be used for the Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index, and the total return index will also be calculated and published in the same way.

Index data and trading activities by type of investors will be available through TSE's web-site.

For further information, please visit the TSE web-site or send e-mail to

*The Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index is composed only of only REITs, no constituents t mixed with any constituents of TOPIX are used. The calculation method of TOPIX, based on all the common stocks listed on the 1st section of the TSE, remains unchnaged.