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Tokyo Commodity Exchange: Final Settlement Prices Of Cash-Settled Oil And Electricity Futures December 2019 Contracts

Date 06/01/2020

Final settlement prices for cash-settled oil and electricity futures December 2019 contracts are as follows:

Platts cash-settled Dubai Crude Oil    44,580
Cash-settled Barge Gasoline                59,300
Cash-settled Lorry Gasoline                58,140
Platts cash-settled Barge Kerosene    61,990
Platts cash-settled Lorry Kerosene    63,720
Platts cash-settled Barge Gas Oil       63,690
Platts cash-settled Lorry Gas Oil       63,520

East Area Baseload Electricity            8.71
West Area Baseload Electricity           7.85
East Area Peakload Electricity            9.75
West Area Peakload Electricity           8.68