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The New List Of The RTS Stock Exchange Index Constituents Approved

Date 26/12/2002

At its last meeting, the RTS Information Committee reviewed the list of shares that are used to calculate the RTS Index and the RTS Technical Index.

Having considered the RTS market data from September 1 to November 29, 2002, the Information Committee has decided to update the list of RTS index constituents. Starting January 1st and ending March 31, 2003, the Exchange's benchmark indicators - RTS and RTS Technical Indices - will be calculated based on the new list.

Two new securities - "Orenburgneft" preferred stock (RTS symbol - ORNBP) and "Transneft" preferred stock (RTS symbol - TRNFP) will be added to the list. Simultaneously, two securities are being taken off. These are: "Permenergo" common stock (RTS symbol - PMNG), "Samaraenergo" common stock (RTS symbol - SAGO).

Overall Market capitalization of the above list amounts to $85 617 Mln or 91.75% of the RTS total capitalization as of November 29, 2002.

The List of the RTS Index Constituents, as of January 1, 2003

à) Level 1 Quotation List Stocks:

# RTS code Security name
1 EESR Unified Energy System, common
2 EESRP Unified Energy System, preferred
3 LKOH LUKoil Oil Company, common
4 MSNG Mosenergo, common
5 RTKM Rostelecom, common
6 SBER Sberbank RF, common
7 TATN Tatneft, common

b) Level 2 Quotation List Stocks:

# RTS code Security name
8 AFLT Aeroflot, common
9 ENCO SibirTelecom, common
10 ENCOP SibirTelecom, preferred
11 ESMO CenterTelecom, common
12 ESMOP CenterTelecom, preferred
13 GUMM GUM Trading House, common
14 IRGZ Irkutskenergo, common
15 KUBN Southern Telecommunications Company , common
16 KUBNP Southern Telecommunications Company , preferred
17 LSNG Lenenergo, common
18 LSNGP Lenenergo, preferred
19 NNSI VolgaTelecom, common
20 PKBA Baltika Brewery, common
21 PKBAP Baltika Brewery, preferred
22 RTKMP Rostelecom, preferred
23 SBERP Sberbank RF, preferred
24 SIBN Siberian Oil Company (Sibneft), common
25 SNGS Surgutneftegas, common
26 SNGSP Surgutneftegas, preferred
27 SPTL North-West Telecom, common
28 SPTLP North-West Telecom, preferred
29 URSI UralSvyazInform, common
30 YUKO YUKOS, common

â) Stocks Picked by Experts:

# RTS code Security name
31 AVAZ Avtovaz, common
32 AVAZP Avtovaz, preferred
33 BANE Bashneft, common
34 BANEP Bashneft, preferred
35 BEGY Bashkirenergo, common
36 BISV Bashinformsvyaz, common
37 CHEP Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant, common
38 CHMF Severstal Joint-Stock Company, common
39 GAZA GAZ Auto Plant, common
40 GMKN Mining and Metallurgical Company Norilsk Nickel, common
41 KMAZ KAMAZ Incorporated (Inc), common
42 KRNGP Krasnoyarskenergo, preferred
43 KZBE Kuzbassenergo, common
44 MFGS Slavneft-Megionneftegaz, common
45 MFGSP Slavneft-Megionneftegaz, preferred
46 MGTS Moscow City Telephone Network, common
47 MGTSP Moscow City Telephone Network, preferred
48 NNSIP VolgaTelecom, preferred
49 ORNB Orenburgneft, common
50 ORNBP Orenburgneft, preferred
51 PFGS Purneftegas (Rosneft), common
52 PFGSP Purneftegas (Rosneft), preferred
53 RITK RITEK, common
54 SVER Sverdlovenergo, common
55 TATNP Tatneft, preferred
56 TLEN Tulenergo, common
57 TRNFP Transneft, preferred
58 TZUM TzUM, Trade House, common
59 UMAS United Heavy Machinery (Uralmash-lzhora Group) (UHM), common