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Russian Trading System Classic Stock Market Weekly Report

Date 28/10/2002

For the week of October 21st - October 25th, 2002, the RTS Index lost 2.38% to close at 348.94. The RTS Technical Index closed 2.00% lower at 384.30.

The week's top performers include Unified Machinery common shares (UMAS) that gained 20.24% and reached $5.05, Centertelecom common shares (ESMO) that posted a 12.86% increase and closed at $0.215 and Sibirtelecom (ENCO) common shares that reached $0.018, up 8.43% on last closing.

The top losers of the week were SIBNEFT common shares (SIBN) that dropped 4.85% to $1.96 per share, LUKOil common shares (LKOH) that closed 3.98% down at $15.7, and Surgutneftegaz common shares (SNGS) that lost 3.80% to close at $0.354.

Total RTS turnover for the week (October 18th - October 25th) equaled $111.563 million, down from $122.276 million the week before. The Classic RTS market weekly turnover reached $70.651 million, with daily turnover of $14.130 million. The previous week (October 11th - October 18th) showed $75.350 million and $15.070 million, respectively. The average daily volume across the board lost 6.24 %.

The list of last week's bestsellers includes RAO UES common shares (EESR) with weekly turnover of $27.474 million shares, LUKOil common shares (LKOH) - $12.489 million, and common shares of YUKOS (YUKO) with weekly turnover of $7.380 million. The share of these securities in the overall turnover amounted to 38.89%, 17.68% and 10.45%, respectively.