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RTS Stock Exchange Bonds Weekly Data: December 23rd-December 27th

Date 30/12/2002

For the period of December 23rd-December 27th, 2002, the total volume on the RTS Bonds, the system facilitating trading of corporate, government, municipal debt, and Eurobonds, reached 1 647 thousand US dollars, compared to 5 450 thousand US dollars for the period of December 9th - December 20th, 2002. The number of trades equaled 4.

On December 25th, 2002, "Mellyanneft" bond issue was fully placed on the RTS (bond par value - 1,000 rubles, the size of the issue - 50 000 bonds). Investment company "Solid" (RTS code - SOLD) served as the leading underwriter-seller of the issue.

The RTS Bonds trading system opened up on June 3, 2002. Currently 167 members of the Partnership, including 16 market makers, trade fixed-income securities on the RTS Stock Exchange. Daily RTS Bonds market information is available on the RTS server on the Internet.