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International Securities Exchange Realigns Internal Reporting Channels In Support Of Strategic Agenda

Date 30/12/2002

The International Securities Exchange (ISE) said Monday that it is realigning its internal corporate reporting structure to provide increased support in the execution of the company's strategic plans.

Effective January 1, Gary Katz, ISE's chief operating officer, will gain management responsibility for the company's Finance and Administration functions. Bruce Cooperman, ISE's senior vice president of Finance and Administration, will report to Mr. Katz. Mr. Cooperman previously reported to David Krell, ISE's chief executive officer and president. The restructuring of corporate reporting channels will enable Mr. Krell to devote more time in 2003 to the orchestration and execution of ISE's strategic plans.

"ISE is committed to continually enhancing the strong foundation that it has established in the U.S. options market," Mr. Krell said. "We cannot, and will not, become complacent, nor will we be satisfied, until we have completed our mission to become the world's best derivative exchange."

Mr. Katz, whose portfolio now encompasses all of ISE's operational departments, including technology, market operations, marketing, and finance, said the internal corporate restructuring will enhance ISE's focus on executing its operational and strategic objectives. "ISE has a project culture. We rigorously analyze our operations and strategic plans before we execute. The internal realignment reinforces ISE's project culture by creating an even stronger bridge between our tactical and strategic agendas," Mr. Katz said.