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ICEX: Most Traded Companies For The First Half Of 2003

Date 13/12/2002

ICEX has selected the most traded shares for the first half of 2003. The method for selection is in line with the practice in the other NOREX exchanges. The selection of most traded shares is reviewed twice a year for the periods beginning 1 January and 1 July each year. The basis for selection is the turnover in the previous twelve months and the market value at the end of last month. The conditions are variable in order to reflect the market conditions at each time.

At this time the conditions for inclusion in the group of most traded shares are a twelve-month turnover in excess of ISK 7 billion and a minimum market value of ISK 10 billion. It is possible that newly listed companies are included in the most traded group if high turnover is expected with the shares in question. A company may also be included if its shares have been much traded in the weeks before the selection due to some changes in company operations or conditions, even though the turnover does not amount to ISK 7 billion in the twelve-month period. Equities on all ICEX lists are candidates for the selection of most traded shares.

The shares selected at this time are:

Company Sector Symbol
Islandsbanki Finance and insurance ISB
Pharmaco Pharmaceutical, PHCO
Bunadarbanki Islands Finance and insurance BUN
Landsbanki Islands Finance and insurance LAIS
Baugur Group Services and commerce BAUG
Kaupthing Bank Finance and insurance KAUP
Eimskipafelag Islands Transport EIMS
Bakkavor Group Industry and manufacturing BAKK
Ossur Industry and manufacturing OSSR
Samherji Fisheries SAMH
Ker Oil distribution KER

As before eleven companies are included in the most traded group. Two companies are replaced in the group: Delta (Pharmaceutical) (delisted) and Tryggingamidstodin (Finance and insurance, symbol TM). Newcomers are Bakkavor Group and Ker hf.

For the most traded shares the trading lot in the trading system is twice as big as the trading lot of other shares. Trading in smaller amounts is possible, while small trades do not affect the price formation. The companies belonging to the most traded group are encouraged to publish their announcements simultaneously in Icelandic and English to give foreign investors access to information on the companies? activities.