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HEX Share Turnover In 2002 Over 188 Billion Euro

Date 30/12/2002

On 27 December, the accumulated share turnover for 2002 reached 188 billion euro (2001 total: EUR 203 bn) which was seven per cent less than in the previous year. The number of shares traded increased by almost 40 per cent and was 16 billion. The total market capitalization of listed companies was 150 billion euro (2001: EUR 217 bn).

Helsinki Exchanges attracted altogether five listings this year, of which three were new companies. At yearend, a total of 149 companies' shares were traded on Helsinki Exchanges. Of the listed companies, 107 are on the Main List, 28 on the I-List, 15 on the NM-List and one on the Prelist.

On 27 December, the HEX All-Share Index closed at 5,717.80 (2001: 8,805.01) and measured by the HEX All-Share Index, share prices lost 35 per cent. HEX All-Share Index reached its year high on 4 January at 9,036.08 points, and was at its lowest on 5 August, at 4,834.67 points.

Covered warrants proved again popular in 2002. Altogether 173 covered warrants were issued. By the close of 27 December warrant turnover amounted to 486 million euro compared with 119 million euro at yearend 2001.

Today, on the last trading day of 2002, trading was slow and by 14:00 the accummulated share turnover for the day was some 106 million euro. HEX All-Share Index was up by 0.5 per cent at 5,749.38 points, Portfolio Index by one per cent at 2,480.82 points and HEX25 by less than one per cent at 1,289.12 points.

The final statistics for 2002 will be available on 2 January on HEX Plc's website at