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Deutsche Börse Decides Further Details for Index Family In the Framework Of Its New Equity Market Segmentation

Date 13/12/2002

On Friday, index provider Deutsche Börse decided on further details of the rules applying to its new index family. These rules form the basis for the new index model and are part of the new segmentation for its equity market. The new segmentation goes into effect on January 1, the new index world is being implemented as of March 24. The rules are the basis on which index decisions are made.

In the case of some indices, Deutsche Börse has revised the details governing the inclusion of companies in the selection indices on the regular index review dates, as well as specifics regarding the so-called fast entry and fast exit rule. Moreover, the exchange has also set the rules applying to the review +cycles for the new index family. Cap limits and calculation frequency for the new index world will be applied analogously to those that have been valid up till now.
Moreover, Deutsche Börse also reviewed the sector classification of some companies. This classification is the prerequisite for classifying companies in the new index model, which makes a distinction between classic sectors and technology sectors.

Based on the data submitted by the companies, the assessment of analysts who regularly cover these companies in their research and the opinion of the Working Committee on Equity Indices, which advises the exchange, the companies ce Consumer and ACG will be reclassified under different industry groups within the classic sectors. The companies will move from the industry group Retail Specialty to the industry group Industrial Products & Services. Furthermore, the index provider reassigned the company Biotest from the industry group Biotechnology in the technology sector to the industry group Pharmaceuticals, a classic sector.