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Copenhagen Stock Exchange, Focus: Information To The Equity Market - Why,

Date 25/03/2003

Each year, the Danish Society of Investment Professionals grants an information award to the company on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange that in the past year disclosed the most detailed information to the market.

With the introduction of the new SmallCap+ and MidCap+ segments at the Copenhagen Stock Exchange disclosure of information has been brought into focus, and there is every reason to welcome the new initiatives, says Senior Portfolio Manager Jens Houe Thomsen, BankInvest, in Focus no. 45. And the fact that companies are getting better at informing the market is appreciated by the users of information - literally.

Jens Houe Thomsen assesses the importance of disclosure of detailed information and what the listed companies may gain from providing detailed information. The author also presents the Danish Society of Investment Professionals' overall criteria that candidates eligible for the information award must meet, moreover, he provides examples of good information practice in both major and small companies.

In some areas Danish practice is in the front line. In other areas there is still room for improvements compared with the leading international companies. Many Danish companies have decided to meet the information challenge, and they work systematically and seriously with information for the equity market, and all in all the level in Denmark is not so bad, concludes the author.

Read the entire article "Information to the equity market - why, what and how" in Focus no. 45 by clicking here .