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  • Program Trading Averaged 16.0 Percent Of NYSE Volume During Oct. 4-8

    Date 14/10/1999

    The New York Stock Exchange today released its weekly program-trading data submitted by its member firms. The report includes trading in all markets as reported to the NYSE for Oct. 4-8. The data indicated that during Oct. 4-8, program trading amounted to 16.0 percent of NYSE average daily volume of 873.7 million shares, or 139.6 million shares a day.

  • Overnight Electronic Trading Sets Daily Volume Record On New York Mercantile Exchange

    Date 14/10/1999

    The New York Mercantile Exchange ACCESS® electronic trading system set a total volume and NYMEX Division futures volume record Tuesday night when 27,323 futures and options contracts were traded, surpassing the 26,425 contracts traded during the December 17, 1998, session, and 27,221 NYMEX Division futures contracts were traded, exceeding the 26,425 contrarts also traded during the December 17,1998 session.

  • NYMEX Board Approves Launch Dates For Upgraded NYMEX ACCESS® System, FTSE Eurotop 300 Futures Contract

    Date 14/10/1999

    The New York Mercantile Exchange board of directors last week approved launch dates of October 22 for a futures contract based on the FTSE Eurotop 300 and November 11 for the upgraded version of the Exchange's NYMEX ACCESS® electronic trading system.

  • Letter From CME Chairman To Members on Demutualization

    Date 14/10/1999

    Dear Fellow Member: I am very pleased to report that yesterday, our Board of Directors addressed one of most important issues in our history: whether and how to demutualize our Exchange and turn our esteemed member-run institution into a for-profit entity. As you will recall, we were the first U.S. financial exchange to support this concept and are now the first to construct a concrete plan.

  • CME Sets New Record In E-MINI Nasdaq 100 Futures

    Date 14/10/1999

    In line with increased volatility in the technology stock sector, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) set a new trading volume record in its electronically traded E-mini Nasdaq 100 Index contract on Wednesday.

  • CBOE Names DPMs To Trade 35 Newly Listed Options

    Date 14/10/1999

    The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) today announced that it has assigned the Designated Primary Market Makers (DPMs) to trade 35 stock options which will begin trading on Monday, October 18.

  • Strong Growth Continues Within OM's Exchange Operations

    Date 13/10/1999

    Trading on OM's exchanges was very intense during the first three quarters of the year. Year-on-year, daily average share turnover on the OM Stockholm Exchange increased by 25 percent to SEK 9.1 bn (7.3). Average turnover generated by options and futures trading rose by 22 percent to 226,029 (184,709) contracts per day. A record-high volume of Norwegian derivatives was traded during the period. Compared to the same period in 1998 the options and futures trading on the Oslo Stock Exchange, which

  • Sven Arild Andersen - New President And Chief Executive Officer Of The Oslo Stock Exchange

    Date 12/10/1999

    The Stock Exchange Board has appointed Sven Arild Andersen (55) as the new President and Chief Executive of the Oslo Stock Exchange.

  • PHLX Options Volume Continues Record Growth

    Date 12/10/1999

    The Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) has announced that year-to-date volume in PHLX's 900 equity options increased 27% to reach a record 32,950,061 contracts, surpassing the industry's percentage growth of 25% over the same period last year. In addition, equity options volume for the month of September reached 3,679,803 contracts traded.

  • Osaka Mercantile Exchange Rubber Monthly Report

    Date 12/10/1999

    On September 3, RSS3 futures distant month went lower at 70.5 yen reflecting the yen's rise to the 109 yen level against the dollar. Later, some bullish incentives appeared, such as the active demand due to the buoyant car sales in U.S., the tight supply of Standard Indonesian Rubber (SIR) due to a lack of tappers at rubber plantations in Indonesia and the price-rise in RSS3 in Thailand by buyers shifting from more expensive Technically Specified Rubber(TSR). Furthermore, the rubber stocks in