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  • Close Of Trading On SWX And virt-x At 5.30 pm

    Date 24/07/2001

    After consultation with the Advisory Commission for the Cash Market, the SWX Management has decided to bring forward the official close of trading for equities and equity-linked products from 6 pm to 5.30 pm with effect from 1 August 2001. The trading calendar is not affected by this decision.

  • Winnipeg Commodity Exchange: Revised Field Pea Futures Contract To Begin Trading July 25, 2001

    Date 23/07/2001

    Winnipeg Commodity Exchange's (WCE) recently announced revised field pea futures contract will begin trading July 25, 2001; trade will commence with the Oct 01 contract.

  • Toronto Stock Exchange Closing - Civic Holiday August 6, 2001

    Date 23/07/2001

    The Toronto Stock Exchange will be closed on Monday, August 6, 2001, in observance of the Civic Holiday statutory holiday. The TSE will re-open on Tuesday, August 7, 2001.

  • Oslo Børs Admits Warrants To Listing

    Date 23/07/2001

    Oslo Børs is to introduce listings of warrants, which are a form of right to buy or sell shares. Warrants are a new and exciting product for Oslo Børs, and represent the opportunity for investors to take positions in particular companies or sectors. The introduction of listed warrants will also serve to improve liquidity in the underlying financial instruments.

  • Ljubljana Stock Exchange Semi-Annual Statistical Report - 2001

    Date 23/07/2001

    Turnover The total turnover of securities on the Exchange amounted to SIT 145.49 billion in the first six months of 2001.It was almost SIT twenty billion higher than the value of securities traded in the same period of 2000.The average monthly turnover in the first half of the year thus reached SIT 24.25 billion.

  • Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange: CLOB Solution Maintained Fair & Orderly Market

    Date 23/07/2001

    The comprehensive solution to regularise securities formerly traded under the Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) has achieved the objective of maintaining a fair and orderly market.

  • Euronext: Foncia Groupe In Next 150 Index

    Date 23/07/2001

    Following the official result of the takeover bid by Dexia for the Dutch company Kempen & Co, Kempen & Co will be deleted from the Next 150 index with effect from 25 July 2001, in accordance with rule 6.3.3 of the index ground rules.

  • Eurex Offers New Equity Options On Neuer Markt Stocks - Options On Aixtron, Broadvision And Qiagen Expand The Product Line

    Date 23/07/2001

    Eurex, the international derivatives market, is further expanding its product line in equity derivatives for the Neuer Markt: As of July 23, the world's leading derivatives market is offering three new stock options, on Aixtron, Broadvision and Quiagen. This means there are now a total of eight Neuer Markt stock options available for trading at Eurex - in addition to the new options, the existing options on Consors, EM TV, Intershop, Mobilcom and T-Online - as well as futures and options on the

  • Commodity Markets Of Euronext Amsterdam: Freeze On Futures On Eggs And Piglets

    Date 23/07/2001

    Due to the low level of turnover in the eggs and piglets futures on the Commodity Markets of Euronext Amsterdam, Euronext has decided to stop introducing new expiration months for these future classes. This means that as of Tuesday 24 July 2001 no new expiration months will be introduced for the EFA (eggs) and AMB (piglets) future classes. All AMB and EFA series without open interest will be restricted.

  • Botswana Stock Exchange Market Commentary

    Date 23/07/2001

    The market was a little more active this week as it closed 2.7% higher on the back of stronger financial stocks.