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  • Euronext Brussels: Modification Of The Composition Of The BEL20® Index

    Date 07/01/2003

    The annual revision of the index results in changes in its composition. Based on the selection list of end December 2002, the Market Authority of Euronext Brussels has decided to apply the following modifications on 3rd March 2003 after trading hours.

  • SWX Monthly Report December 2002

    Date 06/01/2003

    The SWX Monthly Report with statistics as at December 2002 can be accessed by clicking here.

  • RTS Stock Exchange Order-Driven Market: IV Quarter Data

    Date 06/01/2003

    For the IV quarter of 2002 the order-driven market total trading volume reached 20,6 billion rubles with 2,2 billion shares changing hands. Daily trading volume totaled 322 million rubles, or 34 million shares Shares traded in the IV quarter 76 thousand times, 1 185 trades daily, on average.

  • RTS Stock Exchange Order-Driven Market: December Data

    Date 06/01/2003

    For the month of December, 2002, the Order-driven market total trading volume rose reached 6 261 million rubles with 573 million shares changing hands (in November these figures equaled 7 955 million and 800 million shares, accordingly). Daily trading volume totaled 298 million rubles, or 27 million shares compared to November's daily trading volume of 40 million shares and 398 million rubles. Shares traded in December 22 6901 times, down from 28 714 times in November.

  • RTS Stock Exchange Classic Market: December Market Data

    Date 06/01/2003

    In December 2002 total trading volume on Classic Market reached 254 million US dollars, compared to 297 million US dollars in November. Shares traded 3 426 times, down from 3 795 times in November.

  • RTS Stock Exchange Bonds: IV Quarter Market Data

    Date 06/01/2003

    In the IV quarter of 2002 total trading volume on the RTS Bonds, the system facilitating trading of corporate, government, municipal fixed-income securities and Eurobonds, reached 20,3 million US dollars, down from 216, 6 million US dollars in the III quarter. Eurobonds accounted for 43,5% of total volume, or 8,8 million US dollars (in the III Quarter Eurobond trading volume equaled 198 million dollars, of 91,4% of total volume. Trading in other securities accounted for 11,5 million US dollars c

  • RTS Stock Exchange Bonds: December Data

    Date 06/01/2003

    For the month of December total trading volume on the RTS Bonds, the system facilitating trading of corporate, government, municipal debt, and Eurobonds, increased 77% and reached 9,4 million US dollars, compared with November's 5,3 million dollars. Eurobond trading accounted for 5,7 million US dollars or 61% of total monthly volume, "PROMIF" bonds - for 1,3 million dollars (13,7%) and Tumen Oil Company - for 0,9 million US dollars (10% of total monthly volume). In December fixed-income securi

  • Philadelphia Stock Exchange Announces Significant Increase In Market Share In 2002

    Date 06/01/2003

    The PHLX announced today that it experienced a 29% growth in market share in the last half of 2002, the largest market share growth in equity options among all of the Exchanges, when it reached 14.07% in December, up from 10.89% in July. December 2002 market share for equity options also represents a 26% growth in market share when compared to the same year-ago period. These increases have strengthened the PHLX's position as the fourth largest equity options exchange.

  • New York Mercantile Exchange Records Highest Annual Volume

    Date 06/01/2003

    The Exchange set an annual volume record of 133,689,935 futures and options contracts in 2002, smashing the previous record of 109,538,831 contracts set in 1999.

  • Muscat Securities Exchange Weekly Report

    Date 06/01/2003

    With the year 2002 coming to an end, sentiments on the MSM continue to remain positive. Market continues to be in the buying mode with occasional days of profit booking. We feel that this trend should continue for another few weeks. Inspite of the recent price hikes, some of the main line stocks continue to trade at attractive dividend yields. This week's rally was led by index heavy weights like Bank Muscat, Oman Fisheries, Ominvest and TEAM. MSM Index opened at 192.46 levels. MSM Index advance